Golden acrylic paint

Golden acrylic paint is an acrylic paint of high artist quality. It is available in a variety of beautiful colours, gloss levels and thicknesses. The separate ranges, each with their own unique qualities, make it easy to choose exactly the Golden acrylic paint best suited to your project.

493 products

493 products

Golden acrylic paints

Paint from Golden is made from acrylic polymer - that's why it's called acrylic paint. It's water-based and completely free of fillers or toxic ingredients. Therefore, Golden's paint can be used in many places other than on canvas. For example, you can decorate vases, cups, plates or other ceramics with it. You can also paint furniture, such as benches, chairs or bookshelves, that need a makeover and a new lease of life.

Or you can even paint the walls of your children's room with Golden's acrylic paint, without even worrying about wearing gloves or breathing protection. Likewise, there will be no health risks whatsoever in your child being in the room.

Maybe the nursery could just do with a lick of paint - or maybe picking out colours and designs to paint on the ceiling and walls could be a fun joint project with your child. How about a beautiful star and planet canopy? Maybe some animals or birds on the walls? The only limit to what Golden's acrylic paint can be used for is your imagination.

Golden - high quality acrylic paint

Golden is known for its high quality and how easy it is to apply. The secret is Golden's continuous work to develop their formulas and make the experience better for you who paint with their paints. They have always used only first class pigments and do not compromise on anything.

Moreover, all their colours are lightfast and you will easily see that in the intense colours that retain their life and glow even long after application. Some of the colours are transparent, while others are opaque. The colours come in a huge range, so you're sure to find - or mix - exactly the tones and shades you're looking for.

Golden acrylic paints are easy to use because they dry quickly and are virtually odourless. It's also waterproof when dry, which means you can wipe the shelf clean, or if you spill water on your canvas, it can be wiped clean again easily.

Depending on whether you need a thick or thin paint, Golden has it all. Their Fluid range is low viscosity and can be used for staining, glazing or watercolour, among other things. It can be both poured and dripped onto the canvas. Whereas Golden's Heavy Body series are paints with a significantly thicker viscosity. These are good for paintings where the colours need to be easy to apply and also cover well. Whatever type of acrylic paint you're looking for, Golden is sure to have something you can use.

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At Stelling, you can get Golden acrylic paints at great prices. Because we don't believe high-quality acrylic paint should cost a fortune. If it did, many hobbyists or budding artists wouldn't be able to afford it, or would simply opt out in favour of an inferior brand. And that would be a shame. Everyone should be able to try Golden acrylics and discover why so many painters around the world swear by this particular brand.

Buy Golden acrylic paint on offer here at Stelling today and get started creating the artworks you've been dreaming of.