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Pigments are powdered color grains - they make up the color of the paint itself and obviously play a crucial role in the creation of works of art. At Stelling, we carry pure color pigments, both synthetically produced and natural, which are extracted from minerals and other natural sources from ancient tradition.

Check out our selection of pigments in all colors that are essential for creating vibrant and unique works of art.

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Sennelier Pure Pigments Sale price120,00 kr

5 colors available

5 colors available

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Pigment is the magic color giver of paint

What exactly is pigment? To put it simply, pigment is what gives paint its color. The classic color range consists of earth tones, also known as oxide colors, which include deep black, red, brown and a wide range of mixtures of these. In addition, there are classic pigment colors such as chrome oxide green, ultramarine, Prussian blue and titanium white.

Pigments can be naturally occurring minerals or synthetically produced dyes. They come in a variety of colors, giving artists a wide palette to work with. Paint isn't just pigment - it's also mixed with binders and other necessary ingredients to create the final paint. Pigments are crucial to the visual expression of paint and give you the ability to create the exact color you need to produce exciting works of art.

Find pigments to complete your artwork

Our range of pigments allows you to follow in the footsteps of the old masters and create your own oil, acrylic, watercolor or egg tempera paints. The synthetically produced pigments represent modern technology, while the naturally derived pigments are deeply rooted in traditional methods. Whether you want to explore timeless techniques or experiment with modern color creations, you'll find all the necessary pigments at Stelling.

Create your own paint with color pigment

The unique color grains of pigments are essential for creating different color compositions. With our pure pigments, you have the unique opportunity to create your own paint by, for example, experimenting with different pigments and tones to achieve the exact shade you're looking for and adapt them to your artistic vision. Making your own paint gives you full control over the color intensity and opens up a world of creative possibilities. Whether you prefer to make paint for an oil painting or want to create just the right colors for acrylic creations, you can create colors to match your artwork.

Do you prefer deep, saturated colors for passionate artwork or soft pastels for more subtle expressions? The possibilities are endless with our color pigments. Dive into the selection and start experimenting.

Let our selection of color pigments inspire unique works of art

Stelling pigments open up a world of creative expression. And that actually applies to everyone. Whether you're a professional artist or a curious amateur who loves to paint, you can experiment with colors, mixing techniques and paint properties. Create unique color combinations, explore different mediums and let your creativity flourish. Explore our range of color pigments and get inspired for your next stroke of genius.

Pigments create the magic in your artwork

Our range of pigments allows you to create artworks full of intensity and individuality, while experiencing the freedom of creating your own colors and expressions. Whether you paint with oil, acrylic, watercolor or egg tempera, our pigments will add to the magic of your artwork. Start unleashing your artistic abilities and discover the endless potential of color pigments.