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Customer Club

Stelling Customer Club

Join our free customer club and receive a gift card every year that you can use freely in all our stores and online webshop.

You can sign up here - remember to tick that you want to be a customer club member.

You can also sign up via our app - the app can be found by searching for "Stelling Customer Club" where you download your apps, or by texting STELLING to 1272.

Stelling customer club works like this: if you buy more than 1000 DKK - in our 7 stores, including our webshop, during the period 1 November - 31 October, you will receive 4% of that amount in gift vouchers. If you buy for more than 3000 kr you get 7% of the amount in gift cards, and when you reach more than 5000 kr you get 10% of the whole amount.

The gift card can be used from approximately 1 November to 31 January of the following year. After the 3 months, any remaining amount is deleted, so it is important that you spend the entire amount before the end of January, for example on Christmas gifts. Stelling is not responsible for whether you, as a customer club member, get to use the full gift voucher. The amount cannot be paid out in cash or as a gift voucher.

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