There are many advantages to using an easel when painting or drawing.

Before choosing an easel, you should consider what your needs are - for example, the size of your canvas and your choice of paint will affect what you should choose. For example, if you paint with oils, you should choose an easel that can hold the canvas vertically so that the paint doesn't collect dust as it dries. If you're painting with watercolours, however, it can be handy if the easel can change the angle of your paper or canvas so it's horizontal.

If you're painting outdoors, consider a field easel. It's easy to fold and is a breeze to transport. The added benefit is that it's an easel that's easy to store away. If you're painting smaller works, a table easel may be the best choice. A table easel allows you to sit close to your paintings and get an overview of all the details of your art. As the name suggests, the easel should be placed on a table when you work at it.

A studio easel is worth considering if you use vigorous movements when painting, or if you use heavier painting media. In addition to all the different easels, you can also find a wide range of products and accessories for easels. This can help make working around an easel easier.

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48 products