Acrylic paint set

Whether you want to save money or just get started in the wonderful world of acrylic painting, an acrylic painting set is a great start.
We have acrylic paint kits for both the beginner and the pro from brands like Amsterdam, Schmincke, Golden and more.

54 products

54 products

Studio quality acrylic paint sets

If you're a beginner or an experienced painter, a studio quality set is a great idea. Here you get a good batch of acrylic paints at a good price. Take a look at Amsterdam's many kits, or Van Gogh's starter set where you get everything you need included - a nice wooden case for storage, paint, brush, palette and more.

Artist quality acrylic paint sets

Here you get sets that contain the absolute best acrylic paints - the absolute best artist paint sets are available from Golden and Schmincke.

If you want help choosing the right set, don't hesitate to contact us via the chat you'll find on this page.