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A dummy frame - also known as a canvas frame - is a wooden frame on which canvas is stretched.
Blind frames can come in many different sizes. What all blind frames have in common is that they create a stable base that holds the canvas tight and makes it easy to paint on.

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Blind frames - Narrow 18 x 44 mm Sale priceFrom 6,00 kr
Blind frames - Width 18 x 60 mm Sale priceFrom 36,60 kr
Blind frame DUO 28 40x28 mm Sale priceFrom 23,20 kr
Blind frame DUO 60 40x 60 mm Sale priceFrom 52,50 kr
Andy Wrap plastic roll Sale price50,00 kr
Manetti Genuine Gold Leaf Sale priceFrom 550,00 kr
Manetti Genuine Gold Leaf Sale priceFrom 510,00 kr

Canvas frames that you can assemble yourself

Are you making a painting that has slightly different dimensions? Maybe you want to make a very large painting or a very small one. Or maybe your upcoming masterpiece has some specific dimensions that you can't quite find a canvas that fits.

Luckily, there is help available. Here at Stellings, we carry a range of blind frames. In short, these are frames that you can assemble yourself. You simply select the exact dimensions you need and when you receive the frames for your canvas, they're super easy to put together.

If your canvas is of a certain size, you may want to purchase stiffeners. These are pieces of wood that go across the frame. Whether you use one or two struts, they help to provide extra stability. This is crucial when you later need to stretch canvas on the blind frame.

Find blind frames in all sizes here

All the blind frames you find here in the Stellings range are produced at Jydsk Blindrammefabrik, which is known for their high quality, especially when it comes to canvas frames.

The blind frames are made from pine wood, which is cut and glued together in a way that prevents the wood from warping as a whole piece of wood would otherwise do. So it doesn't matter if the temperature in the room fluctuates or if a little water gets on the blind frame. It will keep its shape.

We have blind frames in wide and narrow thicknesses, and with one, two or no cut-outs, depending on what you need. In other words, you'll find exactly the blind frames you need to build the canvas for your next painting - no matter the dimensions.