Order with EAN

At Stelling, we serve many public institutions with paint and staining supplies.
To order with EAN, all you have to do is write your EAN number in the comment field of the shopping cart and choose EAN as payment method during checkout.
All EAN orders are manually reviewed and checked for fraud, and are only accepted if the email is from a public email address, for example "xx@schoolname.dk" and not "xx@gmail.com".
In addition, the name of the institution must appear as the recipient of the order. You may choose parcel delivery if it is easiest for the recipient to pick up there, but the name must appear on the order.
All attempts at fraudulent payment via ean will be reported to the police.
Many institutions require invoices to be issued by a certain date - if this is the case, simply write this in the comments field as well.
Contact us at info@stelling.dk if you have any questions or need a larger quantity than is available on the webshop, and we will check if it is possible for us to order in stock for you.