Gild your frames, signs or create golden effects in your painting with gold leaf or impact metal. At Stelling, you'll find gold leaf and genuine gold, copper and silver leaf, as well as various tools for application and polishing. Our gold leaf comes in thin sheets and provides a stunning shimmering effect and adds unique elegance to your artwork.

A timeless method to beautify art

Gilding is an ancient art form that has been used for centuries to add an exclusive touch and a beautiful shine to artworks and decorative objects. The gilding process uses gold leaf and bullion, with the gold leaf available in ultra-thin sheets of real gold that can be applied to different surfaces to create a shiny, luxurious effect.

When artists and decorators want to add that extra something to their work, gold plating is an obvious method. Gold leaf and impact metal can be used to highlight details in paintings, sculptures, frames, furniture and other decorative objects. The metallic tones achieved with gilding add a special depth to artwork that catches the eye and creates a unique visual experience.

Get started with the right gilding equipment

To achieve a precise and smooth gilding process, it's essential to have the right tools at hand. At Stelling, we offer a selection of specialized gilding tools to ensure a professional execution of your artistic projects. Our selection includes agate stones for polishing, sharp knives for precisely cutting gold leaf sheets and soft brushes for an even and consistent application of gold and bullion.

With the right tools in hand, artists and decorators can explore different techniques and methods to achieve unique and exciting results. The gilding technique allows you to create different surface textures and effects that enrich the artwork with elegance. With our professional tools, you can unleash your creativity and precision while creating one-of-a-kind gilded artworks that impress and inspire.

Creative applications

Gilding opens up creativity and unique artistic projects. It can add exclusive details to paintings, sculptures, frames, furniture and more. There are no limits to where you can apply the gilding, so it's up to artists to decide what will look great with a golden touch. We encourage artists - professionals and amateurs alike - to explore the potential of gilding and create beautiful works of art.

Take a look at our genuine gold leaf and bullion and get inspired. With our products and tools, you can enrich your artistic creations and decorative projects with a sprinkle of the magic of gold plating.

Gold leaf or bullion?

If you have a desire to create unique works of art with a shiny and elegant finish, you need to know the difference between using gold leaf and bullion. Gold leaf is recommended for outdoor use as it is more durable and resistant to weathering. Its brilliant golden color remains intact for many years, making it ideal for artworks that are placed outdoors. On the other hand, impact metal is best suited for indoor use as it tends to tarnish and tarnish if exposed to moisture.

Gold leaf comes in different carat grades, such as 22 carat or 23 3/4 carat, allowing you to choose the most appropriate for your project. Impact metal also comes in different colors, including gold, silver or copper color, giving you the versatility to explore different expressions and styles in your artwork.

Whether you prefer gold leaf for your outdoor masterpieces or impact metal for your indoor decorative items, Stelling can provide you with the best selection of materials and tools for your gilding process. Dive into our selection and find the type of gold, silver or copper that matches your artistic preferences.