Sennelier acrylic paint

The name Sennelier has been synonymous with quality among artists worldwide since 1887, when founder Gustave Sennelier opened his first shop as a paint dealer. To this day, Sennelier still stands for its exceptional quality and unique focus on hand-selected pigments in their acrylic paints. Try an acrylic paint from Sennelier yourself and experience this distinctive brand.

140 products

140 products

Acrylic paints from Sennelier

If you haven't tried acrylic paint from Sennelier yet, it might be high time. The French manufacturer has long established itself as one of the best and most unique players in the acrylic paint market. They think outside the box and do their best to give you a great experience when painting with acrylics.

Even more than a century since Sennelier was founded, they are still at the forefront of developments. They are constantly innovating their products and finding exciting ways to make painting a pleasure. Here at Stelling, we carry a large selection of Sennelier's paints, as we consider them a must-have in the range.

Try Sennelier acrylic paints

Sennelier acrylic paints provide permanent, lightfast colours, thanks to their high content of quality pigments. Because Sennelier takes such care in their craftsmanship, you can always be sure to get acrylic paints of super quality, and which have good covering power and intensity of colours. In addition, Sennelier acrylic paints have no fillers or harmful ingredients.

You can therefore create beautiful paintings with a clear conscience, but you can also easily paint the walls of your home with Sennelier acrylic paints. For example, give your children's room a boost with some of the beautiful, vibrant colours from Sennelier and bring joy into everyday life - because what makes you happier than a freshly painted room with beautiful, vibrant colours?