Qor, pronounced "Kor" contains more pigment than traditional watercolours. Vivid intense colours that remain beautiful even after they have dried. They can make an incredibly smooth transition between colors, flow well, and maintain vibrancy on the paper.

They are easy to dissolve in water, even when lying down to dry completely. With Qor, you have an excellent opportunity to create washes, as well as a vibrant depth of color with just a single brush stroke. Colours last longer without fading, and the colour density of Qor is better than traditional watercolours. Qor is made with the exclusive binder Aquazol®, which is also used by conservators. Aquazol® is an advanced water-soluble binder used by conservators to repair paintings.

It can contain very large amounts of pigment compared to the traditional binder in watercolours. Golden has patented this binder.

With Qor Watercolour you get:

- Stronger, more intense colours that offer a wider colour gamut as the possibility of fading is greater.

- A stronger color than competing brands with the same color, but still with the ability to make it as transparent as other watercolors.

- Higher pigment content = greater range.

- Easier to work with on large surfaces.

- Colours made with this binder have a high conservation value.

- Watercolor that can be used in thicker layers than regular without cracking or falling off in shells.

95 products

95 products