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Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)

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Phthalocyanine is among the strongest tinting pigments available, this green is semi-opaque, with a warmer yellow-green undertone. (Series4)

Pigment Classification: Organometallic
Color Index Name: PG36
Color Index Number: 74265
Chemical Description: Brominated and Chlorinated Copper Phthalocyanine
Opacity/Transparency: Transparent
Lightfastness Rating: 1
Permanency: Excellent
Munsell Notation Listing: Hue 5.0 Value 1.7 Chroma 5.4
Gloss Average: 93.74
Viscosity Range: 16000- 20000 CPS
CIE L*a*b* Values: L*27.82 a*-11.83 b*-0.17
Tint Strength: 83.69

Golden Heavy Body Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)
Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade) Sale price191,40 kr

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