Iridescent Gold Deep (Fine)


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GOLDEN Iridescent Gold Deep (Fine)'s finely ground, coated mica particles give this paint a rich metallic luster.

Used alone or with other colours, gels and mediums, GOLDEN Iridescent Acrylic Colors develop nonfading, nontarnishing metallic finishes. Iridescent Pearl is particularly useful for creating colours with pearlescent qualities.

Pigment Classification: InorganicColor
Index Name: N/AColor
Index Number: N/AChemical
Description: Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide Coated Mica ParticlesOpacity/Transparency
: Semi-OpaqueLightfastness
Rating: N/APermanency
: ExcellentMunsell
Notation Listing: Hue N/ Value N/ Chroma N/AGloss
Average: 30.3Viscosity
Range: 5000-6000 CPSCIE
L*a*b* Values: L* a* b*N/ATint


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