Cobalt Green
Cobalt Green - Golden - Heavy Body
Cobalt Green - Golden - Heavy Body

Cobalt Green


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Our single-pigment Cobalt Green is deep, slightly bluish green with great opacity and lightfastness.

Pigment Classification: Synthetic Inorganic
Color Index Name: PG26
Color Index Number: 77344
Chemical Description: Cobalt Chromite Green Spinel
Opacity/Transparency: Semi-Opaque
Lightfastness Rating: 1
Permanency: Excellent
Munsell Notation Listing: Hue 10 Value Chroma 5.5
Gloss Average: 47.06
Viscosity Range: 23000- 27000 CPS
CIE L*a*b* Values: L*35.93 a*-19 b*2.64
Tint Strength: 86.82

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