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Canson Arches watercolour paper in roll

SKU: 4002201
Sale price1.719,00 kr

300 gr. 1,13x9,15m warm white colour - 100% Cotton.

Pure cotton watercolour paper is made in the traditional way, giving a natural texture that is close to paper. These manufacturing methods also produce a more stable watercolour paper, which changes very little when moistened, thanks to the cotton's long fibres, which are evenly distributed. Arches Watercolour paper also benefits from a unique sizing, due to a natural gelatin that gives the paper an unparalleled strength against "smearing", making the colours exceptional.

Canson Papirrulle Canson Arches akvarelpapir i rulle
Canson Arches watercolour paper in roll Sale price1.719,00 kr

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