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Stellings Golden Brush series 210 pig hair Flat


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Stellings Golden Brush - Flat, hog hair brush for oil paint.

Stellings Golden Brush series has a wide range of different brushes, including the flat hog hair brushes. Stellings Golden Brush is a solid and good quality brush with a long and white painted handle that feels good to hold. The fine Stelling logo on the handle is a small reminder of Stelling's history. From when Stelling started in 1860, and they were still mixing the artist's highly pigmented colours in the shop. When you paint with Stelling's Golden Brush hog bristle brushes, history flows with today's artworks

Stellings Golden Brush hog hair brushes are made with the finest hog hair from Japan, and can be used for both acrylic and oil painting. Brushes with pig hair are recommended if you paint a lot with oil paints. Stelling's brushes do not lose hair, as many hog hair brushes often do after just a few hours of use.

With Stellings Golden Brush flat hog hair brushes you get:

  • A good quality brush with fine hog hair made in Japan.
  • You can buy the brushes individually and in different widths. From the narrow size 2 to the widest size 24, so you can easily find the size brush you need.
  • A brush that doesn't shed
  • A brush that can be used for both acrylic and oil paint (although we would point out that hog bristle brushes are recommended for oil paint)

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