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Imagine a whole new way to paint!

A paint that comes in a package that is innovative, elegant, handy and feels right.
Sennelier has been known by word of mouth for its quality since 1887, the year Gustave Sennelier opened his first shop as a paint merchant. He developed extra large tubes of paint for artist Nicolas de Staël and created the oil pastel for Pablo Picasso. 128 years later, Sennelier is still innovating their products with the launch of the first range of acrylic paints for artists in a brand new packaging.
Innovative acrylics made in France.

Abstract by Sennelier is a high quality paint made in France and packaged in a flexible bag that has a lot of advantages:
as it sits well in the hand, it is also much easier to use. The bag is so strong that you can take it with you wherever you go, and unlike a paint tube, it can withstand even if you accidentally step on it! The paint lasts better as air can't get in, you can use every drop of paint without air bubbles that would cause the paint to squirt out of the container.

With Abstract there are no surprises when choosing a colour, there is no difference from the colour you see on the outside to the one inside. The Abstract range contains 34 single pigmented colours in the range of a total of 60 different colours. 36 pcs satin gloss colours 12 full gloss colours 6 iridescent colours 6 Fluorescent colours

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