Quinacridone / Nickel Azo Gold


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We've added Quinacridone Gold to Nickel Azo Yellow to accelerate the amber tones seen in glazes and make this one of our most popular transparent colours for that purpose.

Pigment Classification: Synthetic Organic (Mixture
)Color Index Name: PY150 / PO48Color
Index Number: 73900 / 73920 / 12764Chemical
Description: Nickel Complex Azo / QuinacridoneOpacity/Transparency
: Semi-TransparentLightfastness
Rating: 1Permanency
: ExcellentMunsell
Notation Listing: Hue 2.2Y Value 3. Chroma
4Gloss Average: 61.1Viscosity
Range: 4000-15000 CPSCIE
L*a*b* Values: L*34.34 a*18.65 b*14.23Tint


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