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Medium Violet

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This mixture of violet and red pigment with a touch of Burnt Umber and Titanium white creates a fairly neutral, opaque violet. (Series6)

Pigment Classification: Mixture
Color Index Name: PW6 / PR122 / PV23 / PBr7
Color Index Number: 73915 / 77891 / 51319 / 77491
Chemical Description: Titanium Dioxide Rutile / Quinacridone / Carbazole Dioxazine / Calcined Natural Iron Oxide containing Manganese
Opacity/Transparency: Opaque
Lightfastness Rating: 2
Permanency: Very Good
Munsell Notation Listing: Hue 3.2 Value 3.4 Chroma 7.5
Gloss Average: 72.29
Viscosity Range: 18000- 25000
CIE L*a*b* Values: L*34.95 a*19.71 b*-24.45
Tint Strength: 72.29

Golden Heavy Body Medium Violet
Medium Violet Sale price242,00 kr

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