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Azurite Hue

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Historical azurite, from copper carbonate minerals, lacks the stability and durability required for modern painting, this mixture affordably approximates azurite's deep greenish blue. (Series1)

Pigment Classification: MixtureColor
Index Name: PBr7 / PW6 / PB15:0Color
Index Number: 77947 / 74160 / 77492Chemical
Description: Natural Iron Oxide containing Manganese / Titanium Dioxide Rutile / Copper PhthalocyanineOpacity/Transparency
: Semi-TransparentLightfastness
Rating: 1Permanency
: ExcellentMunsell
Notation Listing: Hue 7.0 P Value 3. Chroma 3.1Gloss
Average: 21.2Viscosity
Range: 20000-27000 CPSCIE
L*a*b* Values: L*31.92 a*-5.25 b*-16.01Tint


Golden Heavy Body Azurite Hue
Azurite Hue Sale price83,00 kr

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