Canson Drawing Pad 1557


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CANSON 1557 drawing paper

This dazzling white drawing paper is designed to bring out contrast and make colours pop. The paper is acid-free, 100% alpha cellulose and contains no wood fibres.

The name, "1557", pays tribute to the year the Montgolfier family founded Canson.

This great classic is preferred by artists, professional and amateur alike, who appreciate the paper's light grain. Indeed, beneath its simple surface lies a sophisticated and technical drawing paper. The paper's grain is neither too smooth nor too prominent, giving it a natural and subtle surface that is ideal for sketching and drawing with dry media.

Canson 1557 paper is particularly suitable for use with all types of graphite, as it retains pigments easily and allows infinite shading and gradual colour transitions.

Canson 1557 is manufactured in such a way that, through special chemical treatments, the pulp and the surface of the paper achieve a surprising resistance to repeated eraser use.

Canson 1557 drawing pad

The pad is available in A5, A4 and A3 sizes, printed on either 120 or 180 gram paper and with a variety of sheet counts, so you can buy exactly the version of Canson Drawing Pad 1557that suits your needs.

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