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Arches Watercolour Coldpressed Watercolour Block

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Arches Aquarelle Cold Pressed watercolour paper is printed on 300 gram paper and is suitable for watercolour painting as well as other wet media such as ink, gouache and acrylic paint.

The product comes with 20 sheets and has a fine texture.

The history of the Arches brand began in 1492. In that year, Arches completed the collection of its paper production, which took place around the village of Arches, south of Epinal. The paper mill in Arches focused its production on high quality paper, used for the most famous and beautiful productions of the art of the time.

History shows that the mill printed its incunabula (name given to books produced at the beginning of the printing art), such as the "Kronik de Gutenberg" by Dürer. It is also on paper from Arches that the "Description of Egypt" is printed. This work was commissioned by Napoleon I when he returned from his trip to Egypt, and was used by the royal family from 1809 to 1828.

Since 1492, Arches has been synonymous with professional quality among artists. Pure cotton watercolour block made in the traditional way on round machines has a natural texture that is close to paper made by hand.

These manufacturing methods also produce a more stable watercolour paper that changes very little when moistened, thanks to the cotton's long fibres, which are evenly distributed.

Arches Aquarelle watercolour paper also benefits from a unique sizing, due to a natural gelatine that gives the paper an unparalleled strength against "smearing", making the colours exceptional.

Arches Akvarelpapir Arches Aquarelle Coldpressed Akvarelblok
Arches Watercolour Coldpressed Watercolour Block Sale price543,00 kr

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