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Canson L'Aquarelle Heritage Watercolour Block - Rough

SKU: 62650115485
Sale price295,00 kr

Canson L'Aquarelle Héritage watercolour block contains watercolour paper that is the sum of almost 500 years of knowledge, made with the latest technology in papermaking.

The product is characterized by being:

- Strong and absorbent.
- 100% cotton paper.
- Formulated for good texture and strength.
- A revolutionary, non-animal primer ensures durability without pigment build-up.
- Colours are clear and vibrant, enabling ultra-sharp brushstrokes without smudging.
- Easy to fix colours on both wet and dry paper.
- Optimised working time: paper remains maximally saturated for longer, allowing the artist to work on larger surfaces.

Canson L'Aquarelle Héritage Watercolour paper is available in 3 sizes: 23x31 cm, 26x36 cm and 31x41 cm and in three finishes: coldpressed, hotpressed and rough.

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